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10 Important Tips on decorating a Cozy living room

10 Important Tips on decorating a Cozy living room

It’s always fascinating to get to know about room decorating ideas for your living room. Equally obvious is the fact that we tend to go for cheaper and more savvy ideas so that we may maintain our budget as well. Having pockets full of money and getting your rooms decorated with the help of an interior decorator is not the real job.

As a matter of fact, running short of money and still being able to give lively looks to your living room is what shows your skill at its peak.

decorating a Cozy living room

For this purpose, you may well consider the following tips that are likely to help you based on:

1-Choosing Furniture

Decide on such furniture as is complements the infrastructure of your room. Buy furniture at the right time for its prices do keep fluctuating throughout the year. Make sure that your furniture is space-savvy too.

2-Choosing Curtains

To choose the best yet cheapest curtains for your room focus on your living style first. Go for the color theme that matches both your liking and budget. For instance, if your room is usually meant to let your friends sit on and off, then you are likely to prefer a funky and colorful overall look for your room.

3-Choosing Colors

Choosing the colors for wall paints plays an important role in home decoration. Wall colors should be by the space in your living room.

4-Framing Windows

Framing windows with long curtains/drapes is a nice and affordable way to add glamour to your rooms. If you already have your favorite curtains, try to go for wall colors that look better with the curtains you have or vice versa. Instead of buying or spending money songs that match each other, focus on the less costly item you already have and replace it with a suitable one. Always compensate for the thing that costs you much with a cheaper yet attractive object or substitute.

5-Utilizing old things

Instead of buying every item, try to utilize old things too. It is always good to use what you already have and create something new out of it. Do not discard them altogether. Alter them by applying such artwork and textured or oil paints that go with the rest of your theme.

6-Mix Colors

An inappropriate mix of colors and furniture mars even costly combinations, what to speak should organize cheaper ones. So, make sure that you are following a certain theme. If the objects you choose are in keeping with each other, then you don’t need to buy many items to make your room look well-furnished and luxurious. Even lesser objects can do miracles.

7-Little things

Do not overlook little things while decorating your room for often little things can add a BIG variety to your decoration scheme. Remember that you are up to decoration and not up to showing off. Your end result should be a well-organized organized and well ornate room and not the pompous show of jumbled-up objects.

8-Wall paintings

Do use wall paintings and flower vases as they don’t burden your pockets much but give a fascinating look to your room. Even handmade objects can do as well.

9-Wobbly furniture

Getting rid of wobbly furniture, faulty appliances,, and useless accessories helps to a great extent while decorating your room. Reduce your accumulated yet good-for-nothing possessions because you may need to leave at least 4 to 5 feet of clear

10-Walking space

walking space for traffic flow from one place to another within the same room.


Cushions and throws further enhance the beauty of your room so don’t overlook them at all. Handmade cushions are not that costly even then they seem more attractive due to the art they tend to exhibit.